jameshillarchitect | HANSEN ROAD, PATTISON LAKE


A simple home under a gabled roof sits at the end of a road leading to Pattison Lake.  A porch rings the four sides.  The home appears familiar like a place remembered.  Simple plan, roof and window shapes and direct connections between indoors and out support a modest budget and simple lifestyle.  In front, the porch roof shelters a carport.  Along the lake the porch provides  a generous outdoor room paralleling the casual open plan of the interior living spaces. Skylights over the central stairs drop light deep into the lower level.  The stairs lead up to a barnlike office space in the attic with a dormer to take in the lake view and bedrooms to either side.

Freehand sketches provide rapid studies of materials and window proportions.  They can also convey emotive qualities missing from CAD renderings.

The front carport is sunk into the slope, lowering and grounding the home. As the site slopes towards the lake, the porch height rises.  While sheltering a dug-in carport uphill, downhill the porch floats high above the grass and reeds for a lake view.

The existing natural landscaping is maintained as sun screen and bird habitat.  Focus is placed on the natural setting with the home a background. Rockers provide a prime view spot through the minimal distraction of cable railing.

Inside, open wood beamed ceilings heighten and warm the living spaces.  Living space is paralleled by the exterior deck facing the lake.
Spotlit by a large skylight, the stairwell leads up to two bedrooms and an open office above. Ventilating skylights at the roof peak drop light down the stair well deep into the lower floor filtering light through the exposed rough framing.

The office loft forms the connection between the two bedrooms. Recycled doors, unpainted window sash, and unadorned roof framing reflect the Shaker-like simplicity of the room arrangement.