jameshillarchitect | 3rd AVENUE, INNER RICHMOND


A rear alley in the Inner Richmond shelters a unique garden setting of casual and neighborly decks.  The project provides a three story backyard addition for master bedroom on top, family room and kitchen at main level, and a garage level music studio and office for a local chanteuse. Taking advantage of the rear access, the entrance off the alley serves as a second front door through the garden.  Decks step down in response to light, views and neighborhood patterns, connecting the open interiors to the garden, the neighboring gardens, and beyond to views of the Golden Gate, Presidio, and Marin.

The alleyway backyards have the character of suburban front yards.  Privacy outdoors is provided by protected roof terraces at two levels creating a carport at a third. Stairs lead up to the family room deck overlooking the yard.  Cedar siding is used selectively at the deck to add warmth to the interior and exterior. Framed on two sides, the deck extends the living space and pulls light deep into the interior.